Reliable device for stereo recording

The sleek WS-852 allows you to record conversations naturally, even while having the recorder in your pocket. This innovative device features new technologies perfect for business use, to achieve high-quality recording.

  • True Stereo
  • 4GB, stores up to 1040 hours of audio
  • 110 hours battery life
  • MP3 file format
  • USB – PC/Mac
  • MicroSD external memory</li


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Two directional microphones positioned at a 90 degree layout, allows for high quality recording with an authentic stereo experience. The recording is highly precise, with this format, allowing the listener to feel as if they are actually in the recording scene.


Voice Filter clarifies and enhances the sound of the words being spoken by cutting out ambient sounds in high and low frequency ranges. This makes it easier to understand the speaker during playback.


The new Intelligent Auto Mode function makes it easier for recorders by automatically adjusting the microphone sensitivity, unlike previous models that required adjustment for the volume of the environment. To set this function, select Auto for the recording level from the menu.


Selecting from the menu, you can choose the best record setting for the environment. The Pocket mode is best for recording a wide range of voices from your pocket. The Dictation Conference or Meeting modes allow for high-quality recordings in large, loud environments where a quick response is required.


A built-in USB port lets you connect directly to a PC for simple data transfer. Just remove the cover to exchange data with a PC or recharge the unit without removing the battery.



Key Specs
  • Built-in microphone: Stereo - 90° degree layout
  • Recording format: MP3
  • Internal Memory: 4 GB
  • External Memory: microSD (sold separately)
Additional Specs
  • Lowcut filter: X
  • Internal microphone frequency range: 70~17,000Hz
  • Stereo/Mono (Built-in microphone): Stereo
  • Recording format: MP3
  • 44.1kHz/128kbps: Approx. 65hr.
  • 44.1kHz/64kbps (mono): Approx. 131hr.
  • 11.025kHz/8kbps (mono): Approx. 1040hr.
Additional Specs
  • PC connectivity: USB Direct
  • Plug-in power: X
  • Noise cancel -
  • Voice Balancer -
  • Voice filter: X
  • Playback speed control2.0X - 0.5X
  • Forward skip: X (File skip, 10sec, 30sec, 1min, 5min, 10min)
  • Reverse skip: X (File skip, 1sec to 3sec, 5sec, 10sec, 30sec, 1min, 5min)
  • A-B repeat: X
  • Recording & playback scene select: X (Only recording)
  • Calendar Search: X
  • File divide: X
  • Index mark: X (Max. 99)
  • Simple mode (Selectable font size): X
Additional Specs
  • Power requirements: AAA alkaline battery x2, or AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery x2
  • Battery life - Recording: Approx. 110hr.
  • Playback (Earphone): Approx. 90hr.
  • Internal battery charge -
  • Speaker /Maximum output: Built-in φ20mm round dynamic speaker/ 250mW
  • Microphone jack: φ3.5mm (impedance 2kΩ)
  • Earphone jack: φ3.5mm (impedance 8Ω or more)
  • USB microphone/speaker -
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 111.5 x 39 x 18mm
  • Weight (including batteries): 77g
  • Supplied accessories: 2 AAA Alkaline batteries


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