7-14mm PRO Lenses

M.Zuido ED 7-14MM F2.8 PRO AT A GLANCE

Portable and lightweight, yet powerful performance. Despite having a compact design at 1.18 lbs. the M.Zuiko Digital ED 7-14mm PRO lens is the equivalent of your typical 14 – 28mm 35mm lens and gets the job done with ease. Built to be weatherproof, portable and taken anywhere. Capture more of any scene with the ultra-wide angle of view and bright f2.8 maximum aperture, whether it is super-crisp and contrasting night shots or ultra wide panoramas in daylight.

  • 7-14mm Focal
  • Minimum focus distance 7.5 cm
  • Maximum Image Magnification .11x
  • Splashproof, Dustproof Construction
  • Bright f2.8 Aperture
  • High-Speed Imager AF
  • ZERO (Zuiko Extra-low Reflection Optical) coating
  • Dedicated Fn button
  • MSC Movie & Still Compatible


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There’s a lot of very sophisticated technology tucked inside the M.Zuiko 7-14mm PRO lens. 14 individual lens elements in 11 groups featuring 3 Super ED lenses, 1 ED lens and 2 EDA lenses work in complete harmony to reduce chromatic aberration for pinpoint-sharp starscapes. And our proprietary Z.E.R.O. (Zuiko Extra-Low Reflecting Optical) coating practically eliminates ghosting and flaring in back-lit scenes.


Weatherproof seals in 11 separate locations on the lens body make the M.Zuiko 7-14mm PRO lens virtually impervious to dust and moisture. Capture stunning images of nature in the raw without worrying about ocean spray, waterfalls or torrential downpours!


The M.Zuiko PRO 7-14mm’s working distance of just under 2.9 inches (7.5cm) from the front of the lens – allows you to move in tight on macro subjects, while the lens’s ultra-wide field of view captures more of the background for added drama. Maximum image magnification is 0.12x (0.24x 35mm equivalent).


Videographers and street shooters will really appreciate the M.Zuiko 7-14mm PRO’s unique MSC (Movie-Still Compatible) mechanism, which provides swift, nearly silent autofocus operation. Capture candid shots without startling your subjects, and enjoy the full spectrum of sound in filmed scenes without the distracting “whirr” of the lens element moving back and forth as the focus shifts.


If you like adjusting camera settings on the fly, the M.Zuiko 7-14mm PRO makes it as easy as pushing a button – the L-Fn button. Assign any of 27 functions to the button, which is positioned right on the lens barrel for easy access. Another cool feature is the Manual Focus Clutch mechanism; switch instantly between auto and manual focus by simply pulling the focus ring toward you.




Key Specs

  • Focal Length: 7-14mm
  • 35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 14-28mm
  • Lens Construction: 14 Elements in 11 Groups (2 Aspherical ED lenses, 1 DSA lens, 1 Aspherical lens, 3 Super ED lenses, 1 ED lens, 2 HR lenses)
  • Dust & Drip Proof: Yes
  • Closest Focusing Distance: 0.2m
  • Maximum Aperture: f2.8
  • Minimum Aperture: f22

Lens Diagrams

  • MTF 7mm F2.8 Chart
  • MTF 14mm F2.8 Chart
  • Lens Element Diagram

Additional Specs | Weight | Size

  • Angle of View: 114 - 75 Degree
  • Max. Image Magnification: 0.11x
  • 35mm Equivalent Max. Image Magnification: 0.22x
  • Minimum Field Size: 157 x 118 mm
  • Number of Blades: 7 (Circular Aperture Diaphragm)
  • Weight: 1.18 lbs (534g)
  • Focusing System: High-speed Imager AF (MSC)
  • Box Contents: Lens Cap(LC-79), Lens Rear Cap(LR-2), Lens Case(LSC-0914), Instruction Manual, Local Warranty Card


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