Clear, Crisp Sound - Reduced File Size

Recording high-resolution audio is attainable with the LS-P4. Without reducing audio quality, the Olympus LS-P4 is capable of producing smaller High Resolution audio file sizes, being the first linear PCM recorder compatible with FLAC format. Listeners become closer to the original sound with rich recordings that contain greater depth and fullness in high resolution audio. Compact and sleek design make the LS-P4 a recorder you can feel comfortable carrying with you for any session, any song and every season.

  • TrueStereo/TresMic
  • 8GB stores up to 253 hours of audio
  • 39 hours of battery life
  • MP3 file formats/PCM
  • USB PC/Mac
  • microSD external memory
  • USB Charging
  • Free Lossless Audio Codec
  • Bluetooth
  • HiRes Audio
  • Overdub


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The LS-P4 offers three microphones for superior sound with our TRESMIC system. Designed to mimic the function of human ears using two directional microphones to create a stereo effect providing depth and space to the overall recording. The third omni-directional microphone is positioned between the other two, turn it on to pick up lower frequency bass sounds. Using this full array of microphones to record provides an expanded frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz when the center microphone is on and 60 Hz to 20 kHz when off.


The Olympus LS-P4 introduces the world's 1st FLAC digital voice recorder to record and playback in FLAC format. FLAC format maintains high-resolution through compression without any loss in quality. With FLAC go beyond the quality of music CDs, record longer and in greater detail. *As of Sept. 2017


The Fade-in/Fade-out feature adds a smooth beginning and ending to your recordings. The volume will gradually adjust, increasing from the first second of the sound signal and decreasing over the last second to silence at its end.


The LS-P4 comes with 7 preset templates developed for common recording situations. Users select the optimum setting from the menu and the LS-P4 will adjust the recorders applications to capture the best recording. Try "Music" for recording across a wider bandwidth or "NoisySituation" for clear voice-only recordings in noisy surroundings. With seven modes including "Meeting", "Dictation" and "Lecture", the LS-P4 is designed to meet the needs of every recording scenario.


Enjoy wireless playback on compatible headphones and speakers. The LS-P4 is equipped with Bluetooth technology for wireless connection. Install the *OLYMPUS Audio Controller BT app on your smartphone to use as a remote control for the recorder. *Audio Controller BT App available for Android devices only"




Key Specs
  • Built-in microphone: Tresmic - 3 microphone system
  • Recording format: MP3/PCM/FLAC
  • Internal Memory: 8GB
  • External Memory: microSD (sold separately)
Additional Specs
  • Microphone sensitivity: Hi/Mid/Lo/Auto
  • Voice activated recording: VCVA/Voice Sync.
  • Lowcut filter: X
  • Internal microphone frequency range: 20~20kHz(Center Mic ON) 60~20kHz(Center Mic OFF)
  • Stereo/Mono (Built-in microphone): Stereo/Tresmic
  • Recording format: PCM/MP3
  • 48kHz/16bit: Approx. 10hr. 30min.
  • 44.1kHz/32kbps -
  • 44.1kHz/128kbps (mono) -
  • 44.1kHz/64kbps (mono) -
Additional Specs
  • 11.025kHz/8kbps (mono) -
  • Flac format playback: X (44.1/48/88.2/96kHz, 16/24bit, mono/Stereo)
  • Over Dubbing function: X
  • Internal memory: 8GB
  • External memory: microSD (Max.32GB)
  • PC connectivity: USB Direct
  • Plug-in power: X
  • Noise cancel -
  • Voice Balancer: X
  • Voice filter -
  • Playback speed control: 3.5X - 0.5X
  • Forward skip: x (File skip, 10sec, 30sec, 1min, 5min, 10min)
  • Reverse skip: x (File skip, 1sec to 3sec, 5sec, 10sec, 30sec, 1min, 5min)
  • A-B repeat: X
  • Recording & playback scene select: x (Only recording)
Additional Specs
  • Calendar Search: X
  • File divide: X
  • Index mark: X (Max. 99)
  • Simple mode (Selectable font size) -
  • Power requirements: AAA alkaline battery x1, or aaa ni-mh rechargeable battery x1
  • Battery life - Recording: Approx. 39hr.
  • Playback (Earphone): Approx. 31hr.
  • Internal battery charge: X
  • Speaker /Maximum output: Built-in φ18mm round dynamic speaker/ 150mW
  • Microphone jack: φ3.5mm, impedance approx. 2kΩ
  • Earphone jack: φ3.5mm (impedance 8Ω or more)
  • USB microphone/speaker: X
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 4.29 x 1.6 x 0.57
  • Weight (including batteries): 2.7


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