Dictation and transcription

Manage Your Law Firms Workflow Seamlessly with Olympus Dictation Solutions

The way that law firms are able to process recorded information has evolved greatly as technological features of dictation and transcription tools have improved. Attorneys are now able to dictate and record on the go with portable, handheld recording devices combined with our ODMS software that is able to automatically route recordings into their firms workflow. Recordings can be forwarded into speech recognition software, to a transcriptionist or a mixture of both.

Dictation device in use

Boundless Potential for Workflow Improvement with Advanced and Innovative Portable Hardware and Software Solutions.

Greatly improve and simplify data and audio asset sharing between law firm team members with Olympus Professional Dictation products that are integrated with your firm’s workflow with ease, with the result being an exceptional ROI. With the DS-9500 recorder’s 256-bit file encryption and four-digit PIN locking system and progressive features included with our ODMS software, even your most highly important recordings are kept secure and private. Olympus Professional Dictation solutions are designed with business privacy and security in mind.