Olympus EHR integration

Medical Practices looking for speech recognition solutions to integrate with their EHR system

Specialties Include General Medicine, Ambulatory, Pathology and Radiology

Olympus RM-4010P & RM-4015P microphones are recommended for healthcare professionals in practices looking for a direct integration solution.  This ideal workflow solution allows more time to be spent with patients, keeps information secure, and saves time and money.  For more information on the full workflow solution, including available hardware and software components, please click here.

Medical dictation

Psychologists, Medical Examiners, Surgeons, Home Nursing Professionals and Social Workers

Tracking patient information in a timely manner can be difficult when you’re on the road or traveling between patients frequently.  Be more efficient with a high quality voice recorder paired with speech recognition or a professional transcriptionist.  Specifically, the DS-9500 digital voice recorder offers encryption for security, high quality recording for the best possible transcription and Wifi transfer for a fast and efficient workflow solution.

Restoration, Physical medicine and elective fields such as Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Physical Therapy and Orthodontics

Whether it’s recording patient notes or taking before and after images, these specialties are highly complex with a variety of technology needs.  We offer a wide range of products to support healthcare professionals needing professional audio and/or camera equipment including the OM-D E-M5 Mark III camera, for portrait and macro photography settings to capture incredible quality and detail.  Contact us to be matched with an authorized dealer who can tailor a quote to your specific needs.