Industry Solutions

Meeting Recorder

Solutions for Law Firms

The ways that law firms are managing their workflows has evolved significantly along with the changes and advancements in technology. Improvements of dictation and transcription products specifically have transformed how law firms can interact with clients and team members. Our business solutions can assist in achieving reduced document turnaround time and capturing information securely and effectively.


Business Records

Solutions for Businesses

Time is precious in the world of business. Being able to scale your efforts is crucial and keeping accurate records becomes more and more necessary as lead generation and revenue expand. How can an executive automate parts of their workflow and information sharing, while simultaneously saving time to concentrate on their main proficiency? Generate precise records in a fraction of the time of typing and streamline transcription by integrating with any workflow and top of the line speech recognition software using Olympus Professional Dictation solutions. The outcome is enhanced record keeping and productivity without drastically increasing overhead.


Medical dictation

Solutions for Healthcare

Making hospitals and other healthcare practices more efficient has become an apparent need in today’s society with a growing population. Nurses, doctors and the like can turn to our solutions to securely streamline recording and distribution of important patient records among their teams. Our business products can be integrated with any IT environment, EHR / EMR system or workflow to save both time and money.


Law enforcement recording uses

Solutions for Law Enforcement

Tasked with one of the most difficult duties in our communities, Law enforcement officials keep us safe and it is essential that they can get their work done with efficiency and accuracy. Taking notes manually can be time consuming and prone to mistakes, microcassettes poorly reproduce sound and are easily weathered. This is why law enforcement workers are increasingly enlisting our solutions to boost their workflow productivity.


accurate Government Record

Solutions for Government

Government organizations are busy serving the public and need to make the most of their time doing so. From judicial branches to administrative agencies, our dictation solutions can make encrypted data sharing and dissemination of audio assets among staff simple and secure. Your government organization will see workflow efficiency improvements without compromising privacy of records.


Accurate construction notes

Solutions for Construction

When problems arise on a job site it is crucial to be able to accurately and efficiently communicate the issue on hand. With the use of our rugged line of cameras and easy to use voice recorders taking note of happenings on a construction site is easier than ever. Highly durable cameras that don’t compromise on quality and intuitive recorders keep projects moving faster than ever.


Records for Journalism

Solutions for Journalism

Getting every detail of a story correct can be challenging and getting them wrong can be devastating. Journalists rely on accurate recordings and clear photos to write and present their stories and our line of professional recorders and rugged cameras offer the most dependable solution available. Never miss a word in an interview or capture a blurry photo of an action packed scene, no matter the environment.


Real estate Photography

Solutions for Real Estate

Whether selling a house, a ranch, or a major commercial complex having crisp photos and being able to record notes on the fly can be the difference in making a sale. Our line of rugged cameras can be relied upon for any situation without worry of being damaged. Sleek recorders can improve efficiency of note taking and conversation capturing effortlessly. See your workflow efficiency improve and get the most out of your time.